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Exercise Physiologist residing down under. Addicted to the science behind health and performance.
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Photo by Olga Kudriavtseva on Unsplash

What is an Oat?

An inviting gym environment allows more of us to reach our health and fitness goals

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A science-based routine to prevent and reduce low back pain

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Reduce your own or your employees’ sick leave by performing or facilitating regular exercise

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The often forgotten about loaded carry should be performed by all

Photo by Ivan Pergasi on Unsplash

Vigorous exercise should be considered by all for its powerful benefits

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HIIT for Fitness

Your smartwatch produces all kinds of information, but which bits should you care about?

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Heart Rate

A 10-minute routine to prevent the pain and discomfort that comes with poor posture

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Regular exercise done the right way can and will slow the inevitable effects of aging

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